Kumanokodo Iseji

7Hajikami-toge Pass始神峠道

Hajikami-toge pass is the border of Kihoku-cho Nagashima and Miyama to the south. You have a choice between the Edo and Meiji routes, which meet at the pass. While the Edo route is a little harder, they are both comparatively easy routes, and the panoramic view of the islands on the Sea of Kumano on the Edo route will make it worth the extra effort.

Distance Approx. 3.5km
Walking time 1hr. and 50mins.
Level ★★
Masonry from the Meiji period
Here and there along this road you can see excellent stonework from the Meiji era (1858-1912) .
Hajikami-toge Pass
Elevation 147 meters. There used to be a tea house here where travelers could take a break. All that is left now is the foundation.
Viewpoint at the pass
The islands of Kii Matsushima seem be floating in the sea of Kumano makes for a spectacular view. On a clear day you can see all the way to the Shima peninsula 45km to the NE.
The Edo road
These steps are only paved with stone on the front edge. On a rainy day the road would get muddy and straw sandals (the common footwear of the day) would require periodic cleaning. In several places along the way, you can find drainage gutters crossing the path, which both protected these roads from erosion and provided a place to wash the mud out of your sandals.