Kumanokodo Iseji

6Ikkoku-toge Pass,
Hirakata-toge Pass
and Miura-toge Pass

You cross 3 passes on your way from Nagashima to Miura, Ikkoku, Hirakata, Miura Passes. The gentle slopes make this an easy course with stunning vistas of the coastline and intimate views into the way of life in traditional fishing villages. You can even enjoy a bath in a hot spring on the way.

Distance Approx. 7.6km
from Kata-kyokai-mae Bus Stop to Minose Station
Walking time 3hrs.
The guardian deity
The guardian statue at the trailhead of Ikkoku Pass has a round head and is very charming.
The viewpoint at Point Sabohana
With its breathtaking view of the coast, ocean and islands and a gazebo, this is the best place to have lunch.
Wakamiya Shrine
You can find this peaceful little shrine just before you reach Doze Beach.
Doze Beach
If you come in the right season, you can see a seaweed called "tengusa" being dried.
This neighborhood gives you a glimpse into life in a small fishing village.
Have your camera ready for the view of the islands floating on the horizon.