Kumanokodo Iseji

8Magose-toge Pass馬越峠道

The city of Owase is one of the rainiest places in Japan but the large paving stones seemingly woven along this path protect it from water erosion. For those who have time and energy for an extra side course, you can make your way up to the peak, Tengura-san, about 30 min. from the pass, or Binshi-yama about 2 hrs. from the pass. They both command breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and the Sea of Kumano dotted with islands.

Distance Approx. 5.2km
from Michi-no-eki Miyama Rest Station to Owase Station
Walking time 2hrs. and 45mins.
Level ★★
The Guardian Statue for Crying Children
This statue was originally put up for travelers to pray for a safe journey, but later became known as the place to pray if your child cries at night.
The stone bridge and path
A big slab of stone serves as a bridge over this small stream. This is just one of many places to take a photo of the stone path.
Monument to the poet Karyoen Toitsu
At the pass stands a tall rock with a poem written by the famous poet, Karyoen Toitsu on his visit to Kumano in 1852. The poem reads,Blossoms of the night above a sound can be heard ahh, mountain water.
The viewpoint at Magose park
You can enjoy cherry blossoms and azaleas from spring to early summer, and other wild flowers in fall. This gazebo has a great view.