Kumanokodo Iseji

4Tsuzurato-toge Passツヅラト峠道

This pass was at one point, the border between the province of Ise and the province of Kii. About 300 years ago when Nisaka Pass replaced this path as the main road and gateway to Kumano, this was only used by locals to get to the next village until the 1930s. The well preserved stonework makes the steep switchbacks worth the work.

Distance Approx. 9.5km
from Umegadani Station to Kii-Nagashima Station
Walking time 4hrs.
Level ★★★
Mini Saigoku Kannon Pilgrimage Statues
The dethroned Emperor Kazan on a pilgrimage to Kumano came here and set up a miniature version of the Saigoku Kannon Pilgrimage of 33 Buddhist temples worshiping deities of mercy. The 33 statues of mercy here on this miniature version represent each of the temples on the official pilgrimage.
Tsuzurato-toge Pass
Elevation 357 meters. This is the first point where pilgrims heading to the Kumano Three Grand Shrines first get a look at the Sea of Kumano.
Stone walls of Nozurazumi
Along the valley, you can see stone walls here and there. Their history goes way back, and they have protected the road from years and years of wind and rain erosion.
Stone path
The stone path zig-zags its way through the plush green of the ferns, it almost looks like stitching by a seamstress.