Kumanokodo Iseji

3Nisaka-toge Pass荷坂峠道

About 300 years ago, these roads were being repaired and this route replaced the old steeper route, Tsuzura Pass making this the official entrance to the Kii Provence and Kumano. After crossing the pass, there is a deciduous forest, much like you would have seen 300 years ago.

Distance Approx. 7.5km
from Umegadani Station to Kii-Nagashima Station
Walking time 2hrs. and 30mins.
Ikoi Rock
Travelers always used this rock as a bench, so it got the name, "Ikoi Ishi" or The Rest Rock.
The cool wind coming over this ridge makes it an excellent place to take a break.
The Azalea Path
In April and May this grove of azaleas come in full bloom, accented by the young green leaves of spring.
You can enjoy any season in this well-lit woodland with its many types of trees.
Okimi-daira Viewpoint
This is the perfect place to take a break with a spectacular view.
Two poems written by the travel writer Suzuki Bokushi in the Edo period (1603 - 1868) are written on boards put up here.
Just after you leave the forestry road, you should see a short stone wall called a "shishigaki" paralleling the path.
This was built to keep wild boar from ravaging the crops.