Kumanokodo Iseji

2Misesaka-toge Pass三瀬坂峠

Pilgrims would cross the river at Mise and say goodbye to Miyagawa, then make their way towards Misesaka Pass. At 256m, it is not very high, but the path is quite steep. The sight of the old tea house and the guardian statue which is said to have been put up in 1756 help you feel the deep history of this route. The path is in good condition, making it a good choice for non-seasoned hikers.

Distance Approx. 2.2km
Walking time 1hr.
Takihara Shrine
Japanese mythology tells of the goddess Yamatohime crossing the Miyagawa river and was guided from there by Managonokami. Her guide is enshrined here.
The quiet atmosphere gives you a sense of the depth of the history of this place.
Guardian Deity
Some say that this statue of a guardian deity was put up and worshiped to protect travelers while another theory claims that there was an epidemic here and it was put up to keep the sickness from spreading. Which is true is lost in history.
Horeki Guardian Statue
The guardian statue in this enclosure was put up in the 1756.
Joyato lamps
They say that long ago that this was used as a road marker for travelers, while some believe these lamps marked holy places.