Kumanokodo Iseji


Back when the Kannon Faith was popular, many travelers used this religious route with its 33 Kannon statues instead of Obuki Pass. On the anniversary of the Kannon's death, many came to pray. They had stands selling sushi and confections here and there and there was quite a bustle of activity.

Distance Approx. 3.8km
Walking time 1hr. and 40mins.
The Kannon statues of Seitaiji Temple
At the top of this route stood Seisuiji Temple which closed around the time of WWII.
Its beautiful thousand armed Kannon statue was brought here to Seitaiji Temple for safe keeping. The first four statues of this miniature replica of the Western Japan 33 Kannon Pilgrimage are in the grounds of this temple.
The trailhead of the Kannon michi
Statues number 5 through 15 of the miniature 33 Kannon pilgrimage are lined up here.
From here on, you can find the statues along the side of the stone path as you make your way up. They are here to relieve your suffering.
The six stone statues
At the foot of what we call the Fukuro Iwa (Owl Rock), you can find 6 Kannon statues and an "Ojizosama," another type of guardian statue.
Batou kannon Hayagriva
In the small wood structure shelters an uncarved rock that represents the last of the 33 Kannon's, the Bato, or Horse Head Kannon. To the right is a Kannon statue from the last temple on the Western Japan Kannon Pilgrimage, Tanigumisankegon-ji.