Kumanokodo Iseji

15Obuki-toge Pass大吹峠道

This course provides rare view of the stone path descending through a extensive bamboo grove. The gentle slopes, wonderful views and a peaceful atmosphere make this an enjoyable course. After coming down from the mountain, the view of the coast will melt away any fatigue you may have from the walk.

Distance Approx. 4km
from Hadasu Station to Odomari Station
Walking time 2hrs.
(The stone fence to keep animals out)
Just before you get to the pass, you will see a wall put up about 300 to protect the rice paddies and fields from wild boars and deer.
Obuki-toge Pass
The Obuki Tea House was open for business here until about 1950. They would wrap rice balls and sushi in the leaves of plants called "baran" and "hanamyoga" which they planted here. The tea house is long gone, but the plants are still here.
The bamboo grove
From Obuki Pass, a gentle slope descends through a peaceful beautiful bamboo grove.
In February and March you can see the new shoots and places where the wild pigs have dug up this delicacy among people and boars alike. The steps can be quite slippery, watch your step.
Odomari Beach
The beautiful sand beach, the islands off the coast and the rocky point called "Oni ga Jo" or Demon's Castle make for a breathtaking view.