Kumanokodo Iseji

13Nigishima-toge Pass/Okamizaka-toge Pass二木島峠道・逢神坂峠道

Phonetically, one who knows some Japanese might think Okami-zaka (wolf-pass) got its name because wolves often appeared here. But a closer look at the Chinese characters reveals another meaning, "where deities meet" because this was the border between the deities of Kumano and Ise. Most of this route is covered with moss.

Distance Approx. 4.6km
from Nigishima Station to Atashika Station
Walking time 3hrs.
Level ★★
Graves of fallen pilgrims
Near the milepost marker that used to stand here, there stand, 8 graves stones along the side of the path of pilgrims who died along the way.
Deserted fields and the stone wall
These used to be rice paddies, and the stone wall to keep the wild boars out still remains.
Okamizaka-toge Pass
The pass (290m above sea level) is covered in a forest.
Long ago there used to be a big pine tree with a teahouse standing under it.
(The view of Atashika Beach)
Shortly after the pass, you can see Atashika Beach shining in the sun.
There is a guardian stone to protect the community at the edge of town where pilgrims prayed and gave thanks for safe travels so far.