Kumanokodo Iseji

11Miki-toge Pass/Hago-toge Pass三木峠道・羽後峠道

Thanks to the locals, this old road has been excavated in recent years. It is still broken up in places where the original road couldn't be found, but you can catch views of the ocean through the trees now and then. The stone fences stretches on and on from the pass. This and the abandoned terraced fields and rice paddies gives us a peek in to how life used to be.

Distance Approx. 6km
from Mikisato Station to Kata Station
Walking time 3hrs.
Level ★★
This stone signpost reads, "Left for the Kumano-michi."
Viewpoint near the pass
Once you reach Miki-toge Pass, you can take the trail towards the sea to the viewpoint.
There are some benches on the top with a view of the Sea of Kumano and the town of Mikiura.
The path crosses this stone fence built farmers about 300 years ago to keep wild boars from destroying rice paddies.
Katahane five-ringed tower
This Gorintō ("five-ringed tower") was put here about 400 years ago. In Buddhist thought, the five levels of this tower represent the five elements that make up the universe.
It is thought that this is a grave of a local lord.