Kumanokodo Iseji

21Tori-toge Pass/Maruyama Senmaida通り峠道と丸山千枚田

Once you come down from Fuden Pass, the road forks, left to take the road to Hongu, right to go through Maruyama, to Kitayama and on, all the way to Yoshino on the other side of the mountains. This route is not registered as part of the Unesco Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range, but has been used by the people in this area to get to the neighboring villages for many centuries. A walk through Senmaida will certainly satisfy your desire to see rice terraces and give you a feel for the Japan of yesteryear.

Distance Approx. 6.0km
Walking time 2hrs. and 20mins.
The stone path
Though rather narrow, about 800 meters of the stone path remain intact. With things like the remnants of a charcoal kiln, you can get an idea of what life was like long ago.
The viewpoint
The view point which is perched on the steep mountain side looks down on 7.2 hectares of beautiful terraced rice paddies. Records from 1601 show that there were 2,240 paddies in all at that time.
Koyasu guardian statue of Tori-toge Pass
Like most passes, there is usually a brisk wind here.
This guardian statue was put here in 1851. The name "Koyasu" means "child safety."
The Big Rock
Right in the middle of the terraced rice paddies of Maruyama Senmaida stands a huge boulder which accentuates the view.