to walk

Why do not you walk through the Kumano Kodo Ise Road where old people traveled seeking healing and regeneration? People who would like to walk through Ise Road please refer.

○Record of Ise Road by blogger

Bloggers traveling around Japan and the world showcase the appeal of the route by actually walking the entire 170km path.

   Invitation to walk the entire 170km

○Data for going through(distance・time)

Please use it for reference of the step.
We are targeting the JR station along the Kumano Kodo Ise Road.
It is also possible to challenge several times while utilizing JR.

   Simulation to cross the Kumano Kodo Ise Road(written in Japanese)
   Plan for going through(written in Japanese)

○Record of going through

It is a record that we ran from Ise Jingu Shrine to Kumano Honomiya Taisha over 8 days from September 12 to 19, 2005.
16 people, completely different in age, gender and walk experience selected by lottery, took over about 170 kilometers.

   Record of Kumano Kodo Ise Road walking(written in Japanese)