The rule of
Kii Mountains

The World Heritage “Sacred Site and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range” is a cultural heritage which represents Japanese spiritual culture. It keeps awe for nature and the universe which are origins of creation taking the form of prayer for gods and Buddha living in mountains and forests.
When we walk the pilgrimage routes, we keep following rules to share the blessings of this precious heritage for people all over the world.

1. Please help us preserve this piece of world heritage for the benefit of all of humanity.
2. Please respect the spirits of the pilgrims who came before you in antiquity.
3. Use encounters on the trail to deepen your connection to other walkers by greeting them with a smile.
4. Please refrain from taking plants and animals from the trail. Please also refrain from bringing plants and animals to the trail.
5. Plan carefully and bring appropriate equipment. Feel free to walk at your own pace.
6. Do not go off the course.
7. Use fire with caution.
8. Please take any garbage with you when you leave the trail and help us keep the routes clean.